We advise our Clients on a range of fund raising options including Investor Finance / Equity, Tax based Investment, Leasing, Acquisition Finance and Working Capital Finance. We have built up key relationships and have substantial experience in applying for and negotiating different financing arrangements. We also assist in the preparation of both grant and loan applications.

Businesses should give themselves the best chance of success by obtaining professional advice. We have considerable experience in this area and we base our advice on sound projections and specific analysis. We establish both how, and over what period funds will be utilised and where specialist advice is necessary, such as obtaining grants or venture capital.

The preparation of business plans and projections for your business are vitally important when sourcing finance. We have significant experience in working with clients in the drafting of business plans to be used to source finance both commercial and private. The following is a draft of a suggested structure and considerations for a competent business plan:

  • Introduction to Your Business Plan; who are the promoters & what is their previous experience;
  • Executive Summary; what is the proposal, who are the personnel, when is the proposal launch timed for, what finance does the proposal require;
  • The Management of the Business; who will be the directors/owners, staffing requirements, Payment of personnel, skills and experience of personnel;
  • Business Details; describe your product or service, what differentiates from competitors, pricing structure
  • Marketing; details of any market research for the business, target markets, analysis of the competition, how it will be promoted on the market, considered the use of patents etc.
  • Customers & Suppliers; who will be your main customers/suppliers, the trade terms, reliability of Suppliers, internet business, quality considerations;
  • Advisors,Finance & Loans; who are the advisors, what is your capacity to raise finance, who are the potential investors in the business, what assets/activities will the finance be used for, business bankers, analysis of costs, calculation of break even, details of any grant aid, taxation structure and considerations, professional and Industry Standards, insurance requirements;
  • Conclusions; business strengths and weaknesses, business opportunities and threats, what contingencies have been provided for, put forward the case for investment;
  • Appendices; list of main assumptions, financials and cash flow projections, capital expenditure projections, staffing projections, management structure, schedule of finance.