We work with clients to ensure important future transactions are properly planned from a tax efficiency perspective on a range of areas such as deciding on buying or selling property, making investments, retiring from or selling a business, making a gift to an individual or family member. All of these events usually trigger a tax liability which can be minimised or avoided in a tax compliant manner in certain circumstances by proper advance tax planning. Some other areas we have significant expertise in include:

  • Tax efficient retirement planning
  • Transfer of a business to a company
  • Succession planning
  • Estate Planning

Non-Residents, Expatriates & Non-Domiciliaries

We work with overseas individuals to help mitigate their overall tax burden, including foreign taxes. In particular, we focus on devising strategies which minimise our client’s exposure to income tax and capital gains tax.

Non-residents, Expatriates and non-Domiciliaries are subject to specific tax rules in Ireland which can assist them in tax planning for their future such as the remittance basis of tax. Ireland also has an extensive tax treaty network and frequently, expats and non-domiciliaries have to take account of the interaction between treaty countries and the implications it has for their tax affairs.