It is our belief that the setting up and maintaining of a good accounting system is the starting point for any successful business. Our firm place great importance on deciding on a suitable accounting system that meets the needs of both our clients own requirements and will produce accurate information for management and tax compliance purposes. Our firm would typically assist our clients with the following:

As part of the company formation process, we’ll provide you with the following documentation:

  • Understand the basics of bookkeeping;
  • Maintain financial records suitable for your Business needs and requirements;
  • Set up and operate a computerised Accounting Systems such as TAS, Sage or Thesaurus;
  • Administer and reconcile Accounts Payable and Receivable;
  • Prepare and complete Bank Reconciliations;
  • Registering For Revenue Online Services;
  • Prepare VAT returns.

Accounting software is computer software that records and processes accounting transactions within various functional modules such as Purchases, Sales, payments and receipts. It functions as an accounting information system. It would usually be purchased from a third party such as Sage, and can vary greatly in its complexity and cost. As we have a detailed and comprehensive knowledge of all the main accounting software providers, we are well placed to advise clients of the software package that we feel is best suited to their business.